"Currently, the state of Tennessee is still in the process of pending a legislative vote on the issue of medical marijuana. The state of Tennessee has outlined several key factors for the medical marijuana program that would take place within the state, but has not yet been officially enacted. A medical marijuana proposal to legalize medical marijuana advanced in the Tennessee House of Representatives back in March and a companion bill was also scheduled for a hearing in the Tennessee Senate Government Operations Committee. The House Health Subcommittee approved the measure on a voice vote but the measure eventually did not gain enough support and would suffer a premature ending. A previous proposal to legalize medical marijuana made it through Tennessee House committees two years ago, but did not fare well in the Senate. The sponsor of the latest bill was introduced by 89th District Representative Jeanne Richardson, who believed very firmly at the time that her bill was going to pass through the ranks. The fight to continue efforts to legalize medical marijuana rages on until this day in Tennessee."


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