After years without a champion, medical marijuana patients in the Peach State finally saw supporters in the legislature step forward this session. Leading the charge was Rep. Allen Peake, who ushered his medical marijuana bill to a landslide vote of 171-4 in the Georgia House of Representatives and unanimous support in the Senate. If this was my child or my grandchild," said Peake, "I'd be moving heaven and earth to get this legislation passed to provide some hope and relief to these families. Unfortunately, "Haleigh's Hope Act," HB 885, sponsored by Rep. Peake, failed at the last hour due to a political standoff between the two chambers. However, there is still hope. Gov. Nathan Deal has stated that he will work for a solution that doesn't require legislative approval, though it remains unclear what that may be. Meanwhile, a joint committee will study the issue of legalizing medical marijuana. It's important that advocates don't settle for a high-CBD or CBD-only law. At best, such a law would only help a tiny fraction of patients who deserve compassion and access to medical cannabis. At worst, extracts without any THC could help no one.

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