The Iowa Legislature has adjourned its 2013-2014 session, but not before sending a medical cannabidiol act to Gov. Terry Branstad, who signed the bill into law on May 30. The "Medical Cannabidiol Act" gives a limited class of individuals with intractable epilepsy and their caregivers an affirmative and complete defense to any state criminal charges arising out of their use of possession of cannabidiol extract. Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found naturally in marijuana. Patients are only able to use extracts that have, at most, three percent THC. They are only allowed to access these extracts by traveling to medical marijuana states that allow non-resident qualified patients to visit dispensaries. While this is an improvement to current law, it leaves the vast majority of medical marijuana patients without legal protections for using and possessing the medicine their doctors think is best for them. If you're a resident of Iowa, please email your lawmakers today thanking them for taking this small first step and encouraging them to support a more comprehensive medical marijuana bill next year. It's time for Iowa to join the 22 states (and Washington, D.C.) that exempt medical use of marijuana from criminal law.

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