"Two compassionate bills that would have created a workable medical marijuana program for seriously ill patients in Kansas did not advance during the 2014 legislative session. Sen. David Haley sponsored SB 9, and the Standing Committee on Vision 2020 introduced HB 2198. Despite the efforts of those who supported these important bills, both bills stalled in committee when committee leadership refused to conduct hearings necessary for them to advance. Sadly, residents, including parents of seriously ill children, now feel compelled to move to other states with more compassionate laws that allow regulated access to medical marijuana. Seventy percent of Kansans support medical marijuana, and it received a resolution in support from the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature. The state legislature should stop frustrating the clear will of the voters and allow seriously ill patients to have access to a medicine that is safer than many pharmaceuticals without fear of arrest. As important as it is to provide a safe and effective medicine to seriously ill patients, it is equally important that Kansas abandon its draconian laws related to the possession of a small amount of marijuana."


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